the qb test: a response

I thought you folks would enjoy this emailed response; reprinted with permission. The names have been changed to protect the reputation of Sandro Botticelli. I pretty much agree with it all, although I would say she could have picked (b) for #21 (“a slow day at work”).


the one that changed for me over time (per your coffee example) was keeping a detailed calendar.

also, i don’t have much wildness or crazy experiences these days. i know you think that to be huge. is yes really the more common answer?

i find your sports explanation gender biased (i.e. accurate for only a small minority of the women i know).

i think the traditional introversion/extroversion questions and analyses to be confusing and contradictory, and they’re the only portion of traditional personality tests to which i’ve given much thought. the central question (for me, about myself) is whether i moved from being an extroverted to an introverted person, or whether only my understanding of the two concepts shifted (probably a combination). the question “does spending time with other people energize you or deplete your energy” seems to me almost completely unrelated to the question “are you outgoing or are you shy?” or something like “do you feel at ease around new people?” i haven’t gotten any shyer or more uncomfortable over time, but i have become someone who craves and cherishes alone time much, much more, and maybe more accepting of the concept that i can enjoy being very social and still find it depleting in a certain way and want to follow it with alone time, or find it exhausting to be “on” for too many hours at once. (maybe your test would deem me an introvert who is skilled at feigning extroversion, though.)

i like your note on concluding a letter to a friend. when i get together (or write to or get on the phone) with one of my close friends, the vast majority of the time is spent talking about her life and my life, and the lives of our loved ones and the issues that specifically affect us, not outside events. (i read your point to be about news and politics and art, but i once went to brunch with a group of people and a friend’s girlfriend announced “this is where i was when i heard about brad and jen’s breakup!” as though it were a major life event FOR HER, and i remember that blew me away).

i have to say, for #21, my day always flies. either i’m being virtuous and getting through my piles of work or being bad and playing on the internet, but every day i say “how did it get to be __ o’clock already?” i had to think back to 2004 to answer this question. i also regularly eat lunch at 4pm.

#28: i usually forget snail mail exists. if (x) didn’t pick it up and leave it out, i would probably go a month without thinking of it and wondering where it was. not only is there no dread or excitement, there is complete lack of thought or emotion on the topic. (when we moved, we both forgot to deal with getting it forwarded for a few weeks.)