My Greatest Hits Page: Even Greater? (REMASTERED DELUXE EDITION)

As is the case for many aging rockers, my blogging contract includes a regular supply of Greatest Hits packages, and today is no exception. Not only have I completed a long overdue update to the Greatest Hits page, but I’ve included “Citizen Zuckerberg” as the obligatory brand-new track. I am definitely hoping that reviewers on will claim that the new track is OK, but not worth the price of the full CD.

There is controversy galore. Read and marvel at the angry responses to my posts on composition, “passing,” and Joss Whedon. (Follow the cross-post link to see the armies of Rhet/Comp take the field.)

Elliott Smith and Jacques Derrida died.

Sexuality: the word that means “I’m talking about sex, but I’m doing it in a serious academic way.”

Finally, a place you can visit to quietly reflect on The Little Mermaid and Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Avatar sucked. So do a lot of “radical” political stances.