The Kugelmass Episodes Rides Again!

Dear readers,

It’s time to stop with all the cross-posting already, because this blog is dying. You know it, and I know it. Since I’ve put everything I’ve written lately up at the Valve, people are just commenting there, secure in the knowledge that the comment threads there are read by over nine billion people, including a high ranking official with the World Bank. Meanwhile, because of semi-professional nature of the Valve (which, incidentally, is a great thing if you’re an academic with itchy typewriting fingers) my posts here have also skewed overmuch towards polemics about the rather grim situation of the humanities in the United States. Rather than being, say, posts about laundry. I got engaged in February, but you’d never know it from reading this blog until earlier this sentence.

So, if my highest hopes for what I write at the Valve continue to be the sorts of tracts Matthew Arnold once wrote, over here, it’s time to hoist Lester Bangs’s dirty flag again. Let the chaos, the power chords, and all things personal recommence!

See you again real soon,