It’s An Actual Conversation Post! (AFTF #5)

Please note: readers of the previous post may be disappointed that the post was not labeled “Ha Ha.” That is why I have written this post.

This actual conversation is one hour old.

ME: Is that baby digging for beer with a shovel through the storebought ice cubes?

YVES: Oh, my God! Yes! It’s like Pearl!

ME: You mean the elf-child?! The demon offspring?!

YVES: I never know what he’s talking about.

PERSON DRINKING A NEGRO MODELO: I don’t think he knows about the Will Ferrell sketch. Joe, we’re not talking about Nathaniel Hawthorne. That is never what we’re talking about. Whenever you want to bust out with something about The House of Seven Gables, just take a deep breath and say, “It’s a Will Ferrell sketch.”