Monthly Archive: May, 2007

Beyond Values?

DM, at Antigram, has a new post up about the Zizek debate. It’s good; the first part of it is about Western “hedonism” and debate over enjoyment, which I’ll try to address in… Continue reading

Porn, Dracula, Lynch, Lebowski

(x-posted to The Valve) In a marvelous post at Is There No Sin In It?, A White Bear (AWB) gives us her definition of pornography: I’d like for [my students] to see pornography… Continue reading

In response to Jodi Dean, on radicalism

Her post, and this post as a comment with uncooperative formatting, is here. First, radicalism does not have to be a rhetoric of defeat–and I don’t think it always is. I think of… Continue reading

Cansei De Ser Sexy and Joss Whedon’s Firefly

CHAZZ: We’re going to dance to one song, and one song only. (sings) My hump, my hump, my lovely lady hump. JIMMY: I don’t even know what that song means! CHAZZ: No-one knows… Continue reading

Absolutely Fun And True Fact #3: Superpowers

Rich Puchalsky, from the comments thread to my last post (note that Rich is being quoted out-of-context here, and is not being described in what follows): Since academic work is valuable, the problem… Continue reading

Why I’m Not A Radical

There are individual exceptions; but so far as a man sees the need for converting himself as well as the World, he is approximating to the religious point of view. But for most… Continue reading

Chaucer’s Prioress: Ignorance and Religious Violence

(x-posted to The Valve) Who’s up for a little Chaucer? Thanks to Eileen Joy’s new post, over at In The Middle, about “The Prioress’s Tale” from The Canterbury Tales, I’ve been thinking about… Continue reading