Here at The Kugelmass Episodes…

…we play your requests, as The Constructivist knows.

Ben Wolfson‘s asked for copies of my current reading for my upcoming qualifying exams in literature.

The exams are based on three lists and accompanying essays. The first list covers American and Continental Modernism; the second, “self-fashioning” from the Greeks all the way to American Transcendentalism; the third, philosophical and theoretical writing on selfhood and authenticity.

Self-Fashioning and Western Culture
Philosophy and Theory

In other news, the filmosphere appears to have gotten back on its feet. One of the best absentee bloggers in the world, R. Sheehan, has unexpectedly returned to Terrible Beauty with a new post on Pan’s Labyrinth. The blog is still so freshly unwrapped that there’s no blogroll, but there is a whole lot of interesting thinking. After I saw PL, I wrote some quickie criticism and proposed a video game.

Petitpoussin has also been turning her attention to film criticism, with terrific posts on Clint Eastwood and masculinity, as well as on Speed and the American capitalist sublime.