A New Voice: Nicolas Bourbaki

Dear readers,

Expat poet and philosopher Nicolas Bourbaki has just showed up in an Argentinian journal called Zone, with the wonderful, very awkwardly titled poem “The Humpty Dumpty Hikikomori.”

I’ve been waiting for Bourbaki’s fiction and poetry to show up in print, having already eaten up his writing on Wittgenstein and Derrida. The poem is a Prufrock intertext, but it also reminds me of Berryman:

Come and see through morning thickness the many things

 Caught in the moment when a music stops,

 And each chair must find a dancer, more or less willing,

 To settle down under. Come and see the intermittence

 In the spectacle, circulating in these morning halls

 Like the unwashed breath and pinkish fingers

 Of a thousand spotted feathers… Come

More here.