Daily Archive: May 19, 2007

A New Voice: Nicolas Bourbaki

Dear readers, Expat poet and philosopher Nicolas Bourbaki has just showed up in an Argentinian journal called Zone, with the wonderful, very awkwardly titled poem “The Humpty Dumpty Hikikomori.” I’ve been waiting for… Continue reading

All Contemporary Novels Fail Deliciously, And The Form Will Be Dead In 40 Years

Girl #1: You know what would be awesome? Girl #2: What? Girl #1: If rabbits laid chocolate Easter eggs. Girl #2: Yeah, but then their entire species would, like, fail. Girl #1: Yes,… Continue reading

On Boredom

For a little while now, Sinthome at Larval Subjects has been posting excerpts from Spinoza, sometimes with annotations. I’ve been merely a lurker for these, but I’ve appreciated them, in part because they’ve… Continue reading