Absolutely Fun And True Fact #3: Superpowers

Rich Puchalsky, from the comments thread to my last post (note that Rich is being quoted out-of-context here, and is not being described in what follows):

Since academic work is valuable, the problem is mostly one of self-perception; too many people want a leftist, cooperative politics but retain the idea that they personally have to be a superhero.

Everybody wants to be a superhero. Check out lefty political blogs like Kos, or the mission statement of the Christian Coalition. CEOs of major corporations actually think they already are superheroes, because they have discovered a few foolproof principles for making it to the top, all of which they cover in their new book, Working With People: How I Was Able To Bathe In Money By Encouraging Innovation. If I hear one more Spider-Man lovin’, Harry Potter readin’, Mother-Teresa-referencin’ fool talk about academics and their inflated egos, I am going to throw up. It’ll be like The Exorcist. Not pretty.