Monthly Archive: April, 2007

The Myth of the Ineffective Teacher

Over at the thoughtful, medievalist blog In The Middle, Eileen Joy has posted a response to Scott Eric Kaufman’s Valve post about teaching (which begins with Seung-Hui Cho, but I’m not going to… Continue reading

Madness, Neither Free Nor Pure

Suppose one were to ask why so many Americans go mad: an estimated 57.7 million American adults suffer from some form of mental illness, and approximately one in four of those are seriously… Continue reading

The Spirit of Gravity, or, The End of the Kugelmass Episodes

HERE LIES THE KUGELMASS EPISODES ┬áSEPTEMBER 2006 – APRIL 2007 HE WROTE ABOUT JOHNNY CASH A LOT   So I’ve decided to take my work back underground To keep it from falling into… Continue reading

I Will Cure Mental Illness Through The Power Of My Contempt

Apparently it’s stupid season again. Over at the Valve, one of my threads is in danger of being strangled to death by a commenter who not only believes that all communicative acts are… Continue reading

We’re All Mad Here

Among the small (frankly, the dwindling) number of purely academic blogs that haunt the blogroll on the right, one of the hardiest survivors, along with Spurious in his infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering melancholy,… Continue reading

The rest of the Claybaugh review…

…is available here. I’m happy with it.

Nietzsche, Kant, Amanda Claybaugh

If, for some God-unknown reason, you are actually knee-deep enough in literary studies and philosophy and the like to want to read an essay on politics and literature, check out Part 1 of… Continue reading

Your Letters

I’m just not very happy with WordPress’s available templates, and, as you know, the fact that WordPress is having issues with widgets makes nothing easier. So, for right now, the books are gone,… Continue reading

The Cat Is Not On The Mat

(x-posted to The Valve) The Valve’s John Holbo, in his most recent post on Jacques Derrida (to which I also referred in my previous post), added in the comments section a wonderful and… Continue reading

The Best of The Kugelmass Episodes

Dear readers, I have been struggling for hours to get this blog to actually display this list as a permanent set of links on the right hand side, especially since I’m proud to… Continue reading