We’re back on the air, or, re-integration

Dear readers,

I’m still learning about blogs, which is why I’ve gone through the drama of shutting this down, starting up a new blog, having lots of fun with it, and then porting it back over here. You might’ve had to spend time adjusting your blogrolls, playing along with the new nickname, creating archives; I apologize for making you chase a phantom, albeit briefly. I’m ashamed to have cried wolf. I’ll be honest and say that the kindnesses that were left in the comments section here, as well as in a few posts written by friends, did a lot to convince me to keep blogging under any name, after the vitriolic nature of a few exchanges shocked me into wanting to abandon my authorship.

I’ll try to be brief in explaining what’s going on.

First of all, there was no way to detach the old posts here from my name, and I was loathe to delete them. Lots of other people have linked here from time to time, and I didn’t want to break all those links.

Second, I realized that it wasn’t so much writing under my own name that was flattening out my style, as it was the expectations that I brought to writing for the academic blogosphere. As soon as I started writing at Coffee & Critique, I realized that I was doing exactly the same sorts of entries I’d been posting here. I’ll keep trying to figure out ways of taking intellectual risks at this site. Furthermore, I think the kind of frank responses that I wanted to write pseudonymously can and should be posted under my own name.

As for the odd antagonism that seems to have developed between Long Sunday, The Valve, and The Weblog/An und für sich, it is, from my point of view, ridiculous. Several posters at each site don’t want it, and the supposed divides (e.g. theory/anti-theory) don’t hold up across the roster, anymore. Well, actually, I don’t know what Adam Kotsko or Anthony Paul Smith want, but then again I’m not religious.

It continues to be true that named bloggers can be mercilessly attacked by people with pseudonyms. Such attacks are inevitable nowadays, and inevitable for me since I’m going to keep posting over at The Valve. I suppose such things can be safely ignored.


So let’s think of this as a posthumous experiment. I love this new layout; that’s one of several things I learned from starting the new blog.

Enjoy your Friday night; there’s more to come.