Your Letters

I’m just not very happy with WordPress’s available templates, and, as you know, the fact that WordPress is having issues with widgets makes nothing easier. So, for right now, the books are gone, and instead we have this new minimalist layout that makes dynamite use of pink.

However, I can’t resist posting this complaint from alert reader S. S. (not really his initials): “May I suggest with all due emphasis that you return to the previous “Cutline” theme for your online weblog. While the new theme has an arguably snazzier name that would win top awards at the Early-Radiohead-song-titles-that-never-were awards, its I-am-a-computer-making-an-impressionist-blog-of-Portland-in-winter is far inferior to the clean Swiss graphic design I-am-the-lovechild-of-Wolfgang-Weingart-and-web-2.0 stylings of Cutline. There it lies, take it or leave it of course.”

I hope, by reprinting his very amusing words here, that I’ve managed to do both.