The Best of The Kugelmass Episodes

Dear readers,

I have been struggling for hours to get this blog to actually display this list as a permanent set of links on the right hand side, especially since I’m proud to announce that all the posts and comments from The World’s Forgotten Boy (my old pseudonymous blog) have now been imported here. Anyhow, I can’t get the widgets to work, and I’m half-crazy over it, but we’re not going to let that stop us.

Below are the very best posts I’ve written since I started blogging in December, 2005. It’s been over a year! The truth is, my writing was more stylized when I was writing as “forgottenboy,” and those posts were sometimes more fun. So I encourage you to read lots of them, starting with the ones here (it’s in rough chronological order, with the newest posts at the bottom, the forgottenboy posts at top). That blog was active from December 2005 to September 2006. (NB: In some cases, because the commenting system at Blogger sucks so much, I wrote follow-up posts rather than responding to comments with comments.)

In general, I’ve avoided the really long academic papers, and emphasized those posts with creative or funny parts; I’ve also thrown in some emo posts for good measure. There isn’t a whole lot of politics unless you read between the pop culture lines.

I really wanted to do a worst-of here, as an accompaniment, but that sounded better on paper than it looked online. To generalize, I would say that my worst posts fall into one of three categories: ones where I’m merely gossiping about trends (yuppies play Scrabble!), ones where I can’t bring myself to come right out and say what I mean (magnets and babble!), and links posts. Yeah, links posts. No more, but I am keeping my blogroll up-to-the-minute.

Have fun with these!



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Pablo Neruda’s Sublime

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