Ambivalinked, And iTunes

Here’s a blog I’ve been meaning to crow about for a while: Hal and Heather’s poetry blog. OK, I’ll admit, there are some things about this blog I don’t understand. For example, the title is “Shelly Vs. Frankenstein,” which is both misspelled and, even correctly spelled, not lucid. Also, there are weird “themes of the day.” Also, there is a big difference between Hal and Heather, and I think Hal is getting better but I’m still mainly digging Heather’s stuff.

One of which had to be deleted because it’s going to be published.

A sample:

The door barricaded with a broom and a chair

against the knob but the blue still gets in. Where it hits

the ground a fern begins to grow, first the thin purple

curlicued stem, skeleton of a lawn ornament,

but as I watch it slowly unwinds, rising slow

an arabesque of lace.

That’s how she writes, but not all she has to say…head over there for more.

And, in honor of metamanda, here’s my current Party Shuffle status, with laconic commentary:

1. The Chill Is On – Big Joe Turner

G: “I actually listened to the radio the other day, for the first time in ages, and couldn’t turn off the R&B station. It’s so good.”

Me: “Well, you know I’ve been listening to practically nothing but Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, Elvis Presley — and now Amy Winehouse. I guess I’ve decided that the approach to pain in R&B music is just, well, compared to the other stuff I listen to…”

G: “Healthier?”

2. Comfortably Numb – Scissor Sisters

Disco is about denying pain.

3. Whisper – Morphine

This band is so sexy that it saddens me to think they may be forgotten.

4. Femme Fatale – Big Star

I like this band the way I like Jolly Ranchers. Sweet, tangy. My mouth hurts.

5. Kiwembo – Sobanza Mimanisa (from the Congotronics 2 compilation)

Congrotronics revived my interest in rhythm. Period.

6. Better Git It In Your Soul – Charles Mingus

Big and joyous.  It makes happy music sound cool.

7. Health and Efficiency – Cinerama

Deeply, evilly ironic and wicked smart.

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Love – Otis Redding

(see above)

9. International Rock Star – Stars

Glamor central. As a bonus, one of creepiest samples I’ve ever heard on a sweet pop song, from The Collector. 

10. Father Cannot Yell – Can

This is what Frank Zappa would sound like if I actually cared about Zappa. Good music for people who think they’re being watched.