Where I’m going, where I have been

I’ve been here and there in the blogosphere, so the absence of new posts is really an invitation to check out some fierce debates with remarkable writers. Thanks to all for your comments on Buffy and earlier posts; I’ve done my best to respond.

First of all, check out my comment to this post over at Long Sunday. Jodi Dean and I (as well as Rich Puchalsky, and others) are engaging on the question of incommensurability (which, for me, militates against a universalism I value highly). It is, in some ways, a continuation of the post “On The Accusation of Totalitarianism.”

Second, check out the “Rejoinder” by Brandon over at Irrelevant Narcissism, with responses by tomemos and myself, on the matter of being pro-choice.

Finally, my debate over de Man with surlacarte continues in a post (my comment follows) over at his place, and also all the way back here, at the bottom of the page. I also recommend his post on Neruda, with my comment following.

If, after all this fencing, you want a little bit of funny, check out petitpoussin’s hilarious quotation and send-up of the director of Black Snake Moan.

Happy reading!  -Kugelmass