Monthly Archive: January, 2007

2006: Not Believing The Hype

We at the Kugelmass Episodes are proud to present our first-ever edition of Don’t Believe The Hype, an annual list of the top five deep disappointments. We estimate your savings at, bare minimum,… Continue reading

Lolita and Morality, Karaoke, and Joining The Valve

Dear readers, I’ve been getting some e-mails and instant messages about when I was going to respond to a very annoyed person (named “Steven Augustine”) over at the Valve, who has been questioning… Continue reading

2006 In Music: The Top 3

Wherein I finish the list of my Top 15 which began on Monday. 3. The Decemberists, The Crane Wife I remember having a conversation over Christmas with my father, where we talked about… Continue reading

The Din Of The Day: Music In 2006

Here we go with my picks for the best, most interesting, most rewarding music of 2006. It’s the stuff that staked a claim to my heart even though I swore (as I have… Continue reading

Overview of 2006: The Gloves Come Off

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the last few posts here have been about taste, a move which began with my recognition (way back in December) that the year was coming rapidly to a… Continue reading

More on taste: Elvis and MySpace

The following is my response, posted first as a comment over at the Valve, to Bill Benzon’s interesting response to my essay on taste. I want to know objectively what’s there – wherever… Continue reading

Special Christmas Edition Part 2: A Christmas Story

Since it happens that I posted something trying to defend A Christmas Carol against the infuriating, right-wing misreading of it offered on NPR, I might as well go belatedly to bat for that… Continue reading

Cat Blogging Except With People Instead Of Cats

Dear readers, I have been traveling since before Christmas, and am delighted to have returned. Unfortunately, the combination of a plane flight and a very bad cold have left my voice in tatters,… Continue reading