A Plea: Monstrous Blog Wars

This is another short post. I wanted to keep this very serious moment separate from my discussion of YouTube and so forth.

People do not come to the Internet to watch one group of writers berating another group. It’s been very hard for me to figure out how to respond constructively to some recent remarks in the otherwise excellent Lolita thread at the Valve. At the end of the day, if the inessential Internet (like blogs) isn’t capable of restoring us to our senses, and leaving us refreshed for the rest of the battles to be won, then we don’t need it and readers will look elsewhere.

All of the political and social blogging circles were wracked again this year by in-fighting. I’m not talking about links with which one disagrees; I’m talking about a weird textual version of war, complete with defections and alliances. Again: readers hate this if they’re not themselves possessed by it.

Very recently, Truly Outrageous linked to a post on the “feminism of the monstrous” which I (and many other people) found wonderful. Then a blogger named Heart took it into her head to accuse LittleLight (who wrote the post) of plagiarism. I’m a teacher, and I have to be able to recognize plagiarism, and this claim just wasn’t founded. The reaction to it, however, has been so furious that we’re back in the land of “Oh God, I can’t bear to watch.”

This is a promise: I am going to try to be a more pro-active blogger myself. Reactive blogging is the kindling of blog wars.

This is an observation: letting irritation motivate what you respond to is natural, but it’s a bad kind of natural, like unlimited cravings.

Finally, it’s a plea. Let’s all do what we can to make this the sort of blogosphere we’d want to read, even if we had no idea how to post anything. I’m too new to blogging to hear this post echoing in many other posts, elsewhere. I’m sad about the waste, is all.