Daily Archive: January 17, 2007

A Plea: Monstrous Blog Wars

This is another short post. I wanted to keep this very serious moment separate from my discussion of YouTube and so forth. People do not come to the Internet to watch one group… Continue reading

The Blogoverse Is Expanding: Formalism

Dear readers, There’s a new kid in town: surlacarte, the Artist Formerly Known As Matt, who is a whip-smart reader of texts, and has been playing an extended, fascinating chess game with me… Continue reading

Best, Worst: Blogs, Pop Singles, Movies

Dear readers, The Kugelmass Episodes is proud to present the best and worst of 2006, as selected arbitrarily by a panel of qualified judges. Those of you who are selected are still in… Continue reading

Buffy The Social Anxiety Slayer (PS: Little Miss Sunshine.)

Mary Jo, no one can see What you’ve been through Now you’ve got love to burn It’s someone else’s turn to go through Hell Now you can see them come from twenty yards… Continue reading