The Trouble With Diversity

As a guest poster at The Valve, I’m delighted to have finished a response to The Trouble With Diversity by Walter Benn Michaels. My post , which you can read here, includes an in-depth analysis of The Princess Bride and a closing quotation from Oscar Wilde. (It also has the usual references to Johnny Cash and Fight Club.) Why would you want to miss a literary reading of “iocane powder”?

The book is going to get a lot of press (you might have seen a negative review on, because it’s a well-meaning attack on multiculturalism. Scott Eric Kaufman, of Acephalous, has been spearheading the Valve’s book event, and has organized a number of dynamite bloggers to write for it. He’s also put up links to all sorts of relevant articles online, including this link to Michaels’s introduction to the book.