Welcome to The Kugelmass Episodes!

I’m Joseph Kugelmass, a graduate student in the English Department at UC Irvine. (Don’t worry, things get more interesting momentarily.) Because of the new Blogger Beta platform, I can’t import my old blog posts into WordPress. But you can find them at The World’s Forgotten Boy. There’s also a thorough explanation, over there, of why I moved here and started using my real name.
In particular, in order to understand what follows, you might want to read my last major post to Blogger, which was entitled “The Stripper and the Cowboy (Part 2: Cowboy Bob, The White Lady, and The Stripper).” You might also look at Part 1 of that series, and my posts on the Burning Man Festival: Part 1 and Part 2. Before that, there are posts on astrology, on the difference between philosophy and literature, and, going further back, artifacts of extreme sleep deprivation.

The name of the blog comes, of course, from the Woody Allen short story. We here at The Kugelmass Episodes greatly prefer “The Allen Notebooks,” oddly enough.

That will have to do for an introduction. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come.