The Last Post: Moving to The Kugelmass Episodes

It’s been pretty quiet here at TWFB for the past few days, because big changes are underway. Most important, we’re moving. The new blog is located here: The Kugelmass Episodes.

What happened is this: my last post, the second part of “The Cowboy and the Stripper,” got a nice comment and a link on The Valve, thanks to Adam Roberts. The Valve is a widely-read academic blog with several authors, including Acephalous, who is my friend and fellow Irvine graduate student Scott Kaufman. Thanks to that link, hundreds of new readers stopped by last week, so I started thinking about joining the academic blogging community in earnest.

I will shortly be joining The Valve as a regular contributor, which means blogging under my own name, Joseph Kugelmass. If I’m linking to you, though, and you’re anonymous on your blog, you’ll still be anonymous.

I’m moving to WordPress because the format is more customizable, there are more services offered free…but above all because of you. The Blogger comment function doesn’t work very well. Tomemos and Pons Asinorum lost their comments to some sort of technical glitch. Also, there’s no widget provided for listing most recent comments, which really impairs potential multi-party conversations.

I’m extremely grateful to Scott, and everyone at the Valve, for inviting me to join them, and for contributing as they have the formation of a community of academic readers and writers on the Web. I’m also indebted to Tomemos for his support, advice, and comments, and to 28 Toed Hen and Little Marvel Stove for insisting I join the blogging craze.

Thanks to everyone who left comments; I’ll respond to them in my new home. Oh, and one last thing: the posts will be about the same. I’m going to finish writing about Burning Man, for instance. And I’m still searching — searching to destroy.