Get your motor runnin’

I’m writing a bookmark for now, to tide me over until I have more of a chance to write. It’s the end of the Andover Summer Session right now. Andover’s position on free time appears to be based on a misreading of Camus.

Go check out Julia Glassman’s blog, which is over here:

(It’s linked over on the side, also.) She is one of a handful of people who convinced me that blogging was worthwhile. She’s got a razor-sharp eye for the significant details of her life. You might say her blog convinced me to tread a middle path between academic and personal subject matter, when I might otherwise have sailed straight for the ether.

A while back a friend asked me about a line in passing that names Alessandro Nivola. It was a reference to the Southern valentine Junebug, although I’m also fond of his decadent rock star in Laurel Canyon. Remember how I blogged, rather idly and speculatively, about wanting to go South? Well, a friend of mine is about to buy a used car in Fort Lauderdale. He read the entry and emailed me, which is why — instead of coming home like a reasonable person and paying my library fines — I’m going to be fishing for dives in Savannah, GA. We’re headed all the way north, to Boston.

This road trip will be in the back of my mind the next time I ask myself “But what good, really, could come from these entries?”

My next entry, which will (of course) concern astrology, Walden, and water sports stunts, will come just as soon as I can pick the pocket of some afternoon, and come up with an hour to squander.

A good night to you.