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On emotional intelligence: a response to Peter Salovey

A response to Peter Salovey’s convocation address at Hopkins School, in New Haven, Connecticut. Salovey is one of the foundational thinkers behind the concept of emotional intelligence; he is also the new president… Continue reading

Of our elaborate plans, the end: saying goodbye to Breaking Bad

“I’m in the Empire business.” -Palpatine, Galactic Emperor “You may say to yourself — my God! What have I done?” -Talking Heads Yesterday I posted Anna Gunn’s splendid column, from┬áThe New York Times,… Continue reading

The truth does not need me: A response to a commenter

This post is a specific response to a specific comment, but its meaning is broader than that. Frequently, people who disagree with bloggers like me play the “niceness” card — they object to… Continue reading

What to do with Henrik van der Breggen? It’s simple. Fire him.

“Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge.” -Paul Gauguin Paula Deen’s golden days seem, more or less, to be over. That’s exactly as it should be. We’re just not very tolerant… Continue reading

See, this is why sexuality studies can’t have nice things

One of the most consistently annoying things about being in graduate school was how pervy the conversations were. I don’t mean that the people were pervy; actually, you’d be hard-pressed to find a… Continue reading

Retreat: Chapter 5

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking…Chapter 5?! What the hell happened to Chapter 4?! I’ll tell you what happened to Chapter 4, and it’s called Major Life Events. Now Chapter 4 is… Continue reading

Someone Up There Likes Me, or, What A Resurrection Really Feels Like

The reason why today’s imagist fiction isn’t the rescue from a passive, addictive TV-psychology that it tries so hard to be is that most imagist writers render their material with the same tone… Continue reading

Close Reading

In transitioning from teaching university courses to teaching high school, I have of course thought a lot about “close reading,” as it’s called, and why it’s such an important thing. After all, it’s… Continue reading

Why Does Kryptonite Hurt Superman?

Recently, a lot of you have been wondering — in anticipation of this summer’s hottest new blockbuster, Ender’s Game — why it is, exactly, that kryptonite is so damaging to Superman. The reason… Continue reading

Retreat: Chapter 3

The third chapter of Retreat is here! Download the PDF. Due to difficult personal circumstances, Chapters 3 and 4 were delayed. My sincere apologies about that. The story continues next week. -Kugelmass PS.… Continue reading