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Me versus “Her”: MT versus AI

Originally posted on Une belle infidèle!:
Samantha: I want to learn everything about everything. Theodore: I love the way you look at the world. (Turns out she has the mind of a…

Vlogging The Stranger: Literature and Law

A delightful, if short, conversation with James Flanigan and Conor Flanigan about the legal and ethical ramifications of L’Etranger by Albert Camus. Read the post and watch the video here.  

Contradisciplinary Presents: Spike Jonze’s HER

An hour’s chat with Sherwin Siy about all the complex issues raised by the movie HER. Sorry about the false start — we started streaming mid-conversation about Joaquin’s red shirt — but then we… Continue reading

The Yellow Scarlet Letter: True Detective’s Finale

Rust Cohle has a cross up in his room. He tells his partner, Hart, that this is merely in order to perform a meditation exercise, in which he endures the thought of all… Continue reading

The Worst of 2013

“Standard installation (recommended)” -any program that is trying to cripple your computer I didn’t go there that night to fall in love. -Airplane! “I didn’t move here to fall in love.” But as… Continue reading

The Best of 2013

Oh yes. It’s that time again, and the gloves are off, and the wisdom teeth are out. First up, some epigraphs. Most people who survive a devastating disaster want the opposite of a… Continue reading

On writing essays, in college: An open letter to Rebecca Schuman

You say you mean well You don’t know what you mean You fucking oughta stay the hell Away from things you know nothing about -Elliott Smith I had no idea I’d be writing… Continue reading

“You Ought To Be Protected”: On Shaming

Dear readers, I’m back. I’ve gone, and returned, before. But I’m really feeling it this time. To put it simply: I need this blog to live. Intellectually speaking, I need it in order… Continue reading

On emotional intelligence: a response to Peter Salovey

A response to Peter Salovey’s convocation address at Hopkins School, in New Haven, Connecticut. Salovey is one of the foundational thinkers behind the concept of emotional intelligence; he is also the new president… Continue reading

Of our elaborate plans, the end: saying goodbye to Breaking Bad

“I’m in the Empire business.” -Palpatine, Galactic Emperor “You may say to yourself — my God! What have I done?” -Talking Heads Yesterday I posted Anna Gunn’s splendid column, from The New York Times,… Continue reading